Thursday, February 21, 2008

Let me see you 1,2 step.

Sorry for the lack of bloging lately. Between being sick, somewhat busy, and overall lack of motivation, it hasn't left to much time to write. I shall try to improve on this, but no promises.

Being sick is pretty much the worst thing ever. It started out with a shitty cough Monday, then progressed into headaches, fevers, hot flashes, and the such, and is still running strong, though I do feel slightly better today. Still have the cough and hot flashes, but they're both getting a little better, so hopefully by tommorow I'll be ready to return to work after three days off. Health insurance sure would taste good right about now.

Robin rented Madden '08 for the PS3 for me, and it's the tits. Aside from just looking better than the PS2 version, which is to be expected, everything is different. The menus screens are completely different, player pictures are updated, and the controls are slightly different, which I'm still trying to get used to. I will be buying it for the 360, which I may or may not be getting next week, I've still yet to decide.

I'm been cooking up an idea for a story idea lately, and I'll start putting it up here once I start putting some ideas to keyboard. Don't bother asking me what it's about, because I'm not telling anyone about this one. I will have it up here soon though.

That's about it. Back to bumming around and begging for relief to illness or sweet death. Nooch.

Your pal,

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Aaron McClaskey is a fucking clownshoe.

So this shit starts again, eh? Once more I am called upon to rant about my daily conquests in the work place, at home, and in the social life. Then so be it. I shall also rant on what's going on in this nutty world of ours, since it deserves commenting on. Some one has to, might as well be me. I hate everything.

School starts up again soon for me. I had my meeting with my advisor the other day. it went pretty well, he's a damn nice guy, A bit eccentric, but nice none the less. I also met a bunch of people in the Communications department, they all seem alright. Also found out I need to take a foreign language placement test soon, since Comm majors have to have three years of one(Yippie!). I will more than likely take Spanish since, well, add in your own ethnic joke here. Registering for classes starts soon. I'm shooting for taking 4 classes in the afternoon. We'll see how that goes. I'm very excited though, this is a long time coming. Hooray for me!

Work is work, and I'm done trying to figure out just what the fuck that means. First my dad is quitting, and some new douchebag is coming in, and boy did that fail. he lasted 4 days, then was shit-canned for being a tool. Or something like that, point is he blew, and now apparently my dad is staying. Whatever. Like I said, I'm done trying to figure that place out, because it's never going to happen. It stall stay a fucking mystery forever, and I'm completely fine with that.

God was proven to exist last Sunday, when he came down and put one ball in Tom Bradys mouth, the other one in Bill Belichicks mouth, and told them to suck. When I saw that the Giants actually pulled it off, I almost came. There is nothing sweeter than seeing two of the biggest douchbags in the history of everything eat it as bad as they did. The Patriots can nibble on my scrote.

That'd be about it for now. Nooch.

Your pal,