Friday, May 30, 2008

Oh shit it's me!!

So, how's about that whole lack of blogage thing on my part? Pretty shitty, eh? I feel that now that I actually have shit to write about, I can do this far more often. Writing about my escapades on GTA 4 and working does not make for good reading, but being back in school and drinking a lot does. I wanna try some new shit on here to make things a bit more interesting. For one, I'm going to start writing certain blogs from the perspective of my two main characters, Jamie Erowid and Ethan Clarke. If you are not familiar with these two, don't fret, you'll get the main ideas of them rather quickly I hope. To put it plainly, Ethan is a dick and Jamie isn't. It goes along with the whole split personalities thing, or "Writer/Rockstar" as Aaron would put it. So, onto some other shit.

I'm rather pleased with how Cthulu CThursdays are going. This whole taking a few shots then switching to beer is going rather swimmingly, and has made for some damn good nights. Take last night for example. We had two new editions in Ben and Lyndsey, which made for good times. I do enjoy getting new people piss ass drunk. Chris throwing a phone book at Lotus so perfectly that the motherfucker split in half(the phone book, not Lotus) was titties, as was getting real with Aaron and Ben about the nature of the universe. I hope for more of the same next week.

School is pretty awesome so far. Psychology is by far my favorite class, but Comm is fucking irritating. I feel like I'm in goddamn high school again. Stop telling me what fucking listening means and let me talk about some shit that I'm sure no one but myself cares about. Was that catty? I also dropped my English class because it was going to last four fucking hours every Friday, and fuck that. I'm typically hung over on Fridays, and didn't see that going well, so I shall take it in Spring, along with some math class, Spanish 2, and probably another Peace and Conflict Studies class.

Work is work, which means it's all bullshit. I'm laying the seeds to get out of working weekends, and hopefully my schedule will be cooking Monday and Tuesday, and doing dishes Wednesday and Thursday. That would work out a lot better for me, giving me Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off. Working the weekends fucking blows and I want out.

That's probably gonna do it for now. With classes in session, you should expect more bitching about how mundane it is, but I'll probably also have some awesome drinking stories, so it'll be alright. Nooch.

Your pal,


Aaron McClaskey said...

good to see you're back.

step softly,

Eric Spatt said...

I do miss seeing "Your Pal" posted on a regular basis. It makes me warm and , sometimes, it makes me feel alive.